Pilate asked “What is truth?”  -  John 18:38
Jesus said “I am the truth” - John 14:6
Paul affirmed “The truth is in Jesus” - II Corinthians 13:8

Doesn’t it stand to reason that an all-powerful and all-wise Creator would have a purpose for those He created? And isn’t it reasonable that those He created could not figure God out all by themselves? Furthermore, isn’t it also logical that a loving God would want his created beings to know about Himself—to bridge the tremendous gap between His wisdom and man’s ignorance? And finally, since written languages are universal, isn’t it also reasonable to believe that God would ensure that such knowledge was written down for everyone?

Yes. But all humans tend to forget things. Books have proven a great method of preserving truth. Since He is all-knowing and human beings are not, isn’t it also reasonable that God would ensure that such a book of truth be preserved forever? And isn’t it also reasonable that He would see to it that these revelations concerning Himself are formulated into one complete, comprehensive volume? 

However, since fallible humans were involved in the process of writing and preserving such priceless truths, does it not also stand to reason that God would have His Spirit involved in the process of selecting the exact 66 books He desired for human beings to live by? Read II Timothy 3:16 and II Peter 1:21 for the answer.

So what exactly is meant by the “inspiration of Scripture”? Although the full explanation is far beyond human comprehension, it involves the method in which God kept His Word free from error. Inspiration is the supernatural influence of the Holy Spirit on the human mind which allowed the Bible authors to write without error and without omission. Inspiration is God speaking to man, in man, by man and for man. As with all dealings with God, there is an element of faith on our part which must be exercised in order to accept the Bible as fact.

Through Moses, God even preserved for us the origins of creation. And through the Apostle John, He shows how the world will end. God has, through His Bible, given us all the relevant facts concerning Himself from the creation of earth until its cessation.

If God had trusted human beings to write the Bible—or to pick and choose which books they wanted included and excluded—they probably would have selected writings that would not convict them of sin. But God designed His wonderful book as the roadmap for human beings to find God through His Son. This is the reason why so much of the Word of God is about the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Bible you own is the complete and final revelation of God to man.

Forty Reasons to Believe the Bible is Inspired

If the Bible is truly inspired by God, there should be a logical way to prove it. Here is a list of forty reasons why you can believe it is:

1. Jesus confirmed the Old Testament is true by quoting only the Old Testament and nothing else. 

2. The Bible is the product of one Source: God Himself. The Creator is the Author and it is written from His perspective.   

3. It has a universal appeal. Peasants, slaves, rulers and yuppies can all relate to God’s Word.

4. It is absolutely timeless in application. It works in every era of human history. Its truth is ever current. The Bible is never out of date. It can’t grow old for God does not grow old.

5. It has passed the supreme endurance test of time. It has outlasted all other books.

6. The Word of God is culturally unbiased. Although it was written by Jews it does not exonerate them. Even the national heroes of Israel are shown to have human weaknesses. If the Bible were fictitious, its authors would have been biased in favor of the Jewish race. Jesus commanded His disciples to take the Gospel to all ethnicities. Its endearing stories relate to people throughout the world.

7. It is the only book that has made such an impact on secular society.

8. The Bible standards of morality, chastity and holiness work in all cultures.

9. It appeals to all age groups. Children love Jonah, young folks learn morality from Proverbs and the elderly are comforted in their sunset years.

10. It is the only Book that elevates women to such a high degree.

11. The Bible is not bound by man’s laws of literature and introduces many new writing forms. 

12. Even in the secular world, it is a masterpiece, for it has a beauty and a harmony that is absolutely unique all world literature. It is an encouragement even to sinners.

13. It is a miracle that it is all contained in one single volume. The only thing its authors had in common was God Himself.

14. It is inexhaustible. There are no “experts” on the entire Word of God. Unlike any other book, the more the Bible is studied, the more it is loved.

15. It violates the laws of the “best-seller” books every year. Annually, the Bible always has the largest sales record of any single book. And there are also more books written about the Bible than any other book. It is often quoted and even misquoted by the media and secular groups.

16. Its types and anti-types make perfect sense.

17. It contains a pre-written history of the world. 

18. It is the only reliable record that describes how the world will end in judgment for those who have rejected Jesus Christ.

19. It is the only totally Christocentric book. Jesus is the focal point of the entire Word of God. It’s the only Book that explains the magnitude of sin and God’s plan of salvation.

20. The Bible invites close examination. No one is asked to accept it on blind faith.

21. The Bible has a Divine design. God thought it and wrought it.

22. It has an amazing composition with 40 authors contributing over a 1,600 year period.

23. The Bible is unique in its simplicity. It has but one focus: to help humans to find God through Christ. 

24. It is complete in itself. Nothing can be added nor subtracted from it.

25. It contains a vast array of different topics.

26. No other Book contains these dynamic, powerful, life-changing instructions.

27. It has teachings on subjects which cannot be discovered otherwise: Creation, God, Christ, the Spirit, angels, demons and sin.

28. It contains straightforward instructions on things mankind must do and not do.

29. It is prophetically accurate. Over 25% of all biblical content concerns prophecy, much of which as already been accurately fulfilled even down to the smallest details.

30. It is historically accurate. It agrees with the record of human history.

31. It is chronologically accurate. The times and dates listed agree secular records.

32. It is scientifically accurate despite the theories of both evolutionists and creationists.

33. It is archeologically accurate. Honest scientific evidence always agrees with Scripture.

34. It is indestructible. The Word of God has been preserved miraculously throughout history. No single book has been in print a fraction of the time the Bible has. No book is more loved or more hated and singled out for destruction by men. Satan cannot destroy it.

35. The Bible is reasonable and logical.

36. It is pragmatic. The Bible is practical in its use and application.

37. It is effective. It has saved, comforted and instructed millions and millions. It has the power and ability to actually change lives when it is obeyed. It always works. It does what it was meant to do.

38. Hundreds of thousands have died for the Bible. Few have died for any other book.

39. The Bible is the only Book that can never be improved upon.

40. It is the only Book directly backed up by the living Presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

You live and die as a Christian by God’s Word, so read it and get closer to God Himself. His Spirit will lead you into all truth through His Word.


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