It has been suggested the Bible is a ‘tale of two cities’ - Jerusalem and Babylon. Jerusalem represents the grace and goodness of God, as seen in the vivid imagery of the New Jerusalem in Revelation. Babylon epitomizes rebellion against God and His Word. Present day Iraq IS Babylon and is slated for judgment (Isaiah 13, 19, & 46; Jeremiah 51; Zechariah 5).
Babylon was erected by Nimrod, the evil great-grandson of Noah (Gen. 10:10). It was constructed to prevent people from obeying God’s instructions to repopulate the earth after the flood. Most of the world’s false religions can be traced back to this area of the globe.
Iraq today is the ancient land of Mesopotamia. The modern city of Mosul was once called Ninevah - a city built by Nimrod. Contemporary Iraq evolved from the Ottoman Empire and became “The Kingdom of Iraq” in 1921. It was renamed “The Republic of Iraq” in 1958. When Saddam Hussein undertook the massive reconstruction of time-worn Babylon, he described himself as “the new Nebuchadnezzar” - the ruler of ancient Babylon. He and others have spent millions restoring it, including the palace where Daniel interpreted ‘the handwriting on the wall’ the night before the Persians conquered the city.
After the 9/11 attacks, Iraq became a center for world terrorism. Saddam was captured and executed in 2006. Although weapons of mass destruction were never found, there is evidence they were shipped to Syria just prior to the invasion.
In 2011, the last convoy of American troops left Iraq. Despite the billions invested by the USA to help Iraq form their own democracy, Sunni’s and Shiite’s continue the violence which cost over 4,000 American lives. In 2014, a radical jihadist group formed the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They have driven out most of the Christians from these two countries,, have captured many cities, and laid claim to the original lands once held by the Ottoman Empire. Their tactics include crucifixion, slaughter of women and children, beheading, and burying people alive. They oppose the USA because of our allegiance to Israel. ISIS hopes to establish a new Islamic caliphate. The last four letters of this word aptly describe what motivates ISIS - hate.
During the Tribulation, Babylon will rise to become a powerful religious and economic center. “Mystery Babylon” in the book of Revelation is epitomized by the woman who rides the Beast and gives control of the coming one-world religion to the Antichrist. She is described as “the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth” (Rev. 17:5). Iraq (Babylon) will be under the direct control of the Antichrist, eventually becoming the center of the future global economic system. Although the complete analiation of Iraq (Babylon) is still futuristic, the biblical prophecies regarding it are currently in progress.


1. No other nation, except Israel, has more history and prophecy associated with it than IRAQ.
2. The word “Mesopotamia” means “between two rivers, referring to the Tigris and Euphrates - which is IRAQ.
3. The area of the world mentioned second only to Israel in the Bible is IRAQ, referred to in terms such as Babylon, Chaldea, Land of Shinar, Assyria, and Mesopotamia.
4. The word IRAQ means “the country with deep roots” and it is firmly planted in God’s prophetic Word.
5. The Garden of Eden was in IRAQ (Gen. 2:7-8). It does not resemble paradise today.
6. Adam and Eve were created in IRAQ (Gen. 2).
7. Satan made his first appearance to humans in IRAQ.
8. Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilization, which is now IRAQ.
9. Noah built the ark in IRAQ (Gen. 6).
10. The tower of Babel was built in IRAQ - resulting in the confusion of languages (Gen. 10-11).
11. Abraham was from Ur - in southern IRAQ (Gen. 11).
12. Isaac’s wife Rebecca was from Nahor, which is in IRAQ (Gen. 24).
13. Jacob met Rachel in IRAQ and spent twenty years there (Gen. 27-35).
14. Jonah preached in Nineveh, which is in IRAQ (Jonah 3).
15. Assyria, which conquered the ten tribes of Israel, is in IRAQ.
16. Amos preached in IRAQ.
17. Babylon, which destroyed Jerusalem in 586 BC, is in IRAQ.
18. The first world empire was in IRAQ (Dan. 1-2).
19. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den in IRAQ and the three Hebrew children were tossed into the fiery furnace in IRAQ as well.
20. Belshazzar, King of Babylon, saw the handwriting on the wall which Daniel interpreted - in IRAQ (Dan. 5:16).
21. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into IRAQ.
22. The events of the book of Esther took place in IRAQ.
23. The book of Nahum was a prophecy against a city in IRAQ.
24. Ezekiel preached in IRAQ.
25. The Wise Men were from IRAQ.
26. Peter preached in IRAQ.
27. “Mystical Babylon” (an old name for IRAQ) in Revelation is clearly emblematic of horrific wickedness.
It is mentioned six times in the last book of the Bible….and three of the six refer to Babylon as “fallen”.


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