1. Is it ethical to drive through a red light very late at night if there are no other cars in sight?
2. If you were not being fully billed for your phone use, would you notify your provider?
3. If you believed your aging mother was no longer a safe driver, would you notify the MVD?
4. What would you do if you were paid by your insurance company for an expensive ring which you later found?
5. What would you do if you observed a fellow employee being sexually harassed by the boss?
6. Would you leave a note if you scratched a car in a parking lot?
7. Suppose you found out your employers were cheating on their taxes. Would you call the IRS?
8. Would you tell your friend if you saw her child shoplifting?
9. Your boss sometimes comes to work inebriated. What action do you take?
10. Would you tell your neighbors about a wild party their teenager had while they were out of town?
11. Would you hire an illegal alien?
12. Suppose you found $300 at an ATM. Would you return it to the bank?
13. Have you ever lied on a job application?
14. If your insurance company typically pays a very low percentage on a claim, would you inflate it?
15. A friend that has started abusing his medications asks you to write a positive reference letter on his behalf. Will you do it?
16. A co-worker gets a very strange new hairstyle. How do you respond when they ask if you like it?
17. If the food is bad at a restaurant, but the service is good…will you still leave a tip?
18. What do you do if you accidently open an embarrassing letter that’s addressed to your neighbor?
19. If you knew you were guilty of a parking violation, would you pay the fine - or go to court and dispute it?
20. If your friend wants to get married to someone you don’t approve of, would you discuss it with your friend?
21. You see a mother verbally abusing her child in the grocery store. How do you respond?
22. A company you ordered from erroneously sends you an additional item. Do you return it?
23. You are driving very late at night and hit a dog. Should you report it?
24. You pay for two tacos, but receive three. Do you tell the salesperson about it?
25. Is torture ever justified?
26. If your daughter is dating someone from a different ethnicity, would you encourage them to break up?
27. You find a wallet full of money. What do you do?
28. What action would you take if you spotted a child locked in a hot vehicle?
29. Have you ever taken sick leave when you were not really sick?
30. Under what circumstances would you park in a handicapped spot?


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