Here are some study questions you might “ask” a text you are engaging.

What are the…......

A   Applications of this passage to my life?

B   Blessings offered through this passage?

C   Characters I can relate to?

D   Doctrines taught?

E   Experiences recorded?

F   Facts given?

G   Geographical locations?

H   Historical facts in this passage?

I   Instructions I can gain?

J   Joys I might experience through this text?

K   Known facts regarding this passage?

L   Lessons that can be learned?

M   Miracles listed?

N   Noteworthy things concerning this text?

O   Opportunities recorded?

P    Promises given?

Q   Questions asked?

R   Revelations vouchsafed?

S   Sins it exposes?

T   Truths that can be applied?

U   Unusual words and phrases?

V   Vital aspects of this passage?

W   Warnings recorded?

X   Xamples I can follow?

Y   Yielded areas to God resulting from this passage?

Z   Zealous feelings experienced by applying this text?



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