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The Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:17-48

Six times in this chapter, Jesus refers to things the Pharisees taught, and then gives God’s viewpoint in contrast. The King James expresses it, “Ye have heard it said…but I say….” Here in the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, as Jesus begins His public ministry, it was essential He give this foundational teachings concerning true righteousness.

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God’s Word in My Heart

Imbedding God’s Word into our hearts is important. It will help us stand against temptation, the world and Satan.

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Pentateuch: Who am I?

Take a journey through the Pentateuch to discover the individuals mentioned in these five books of the Bible.

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A Homily Regarding Homiletics

The following thoughts are straight talk to those who want to go into the ministry - who desire to be preachers.

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Ethical Scenarios: What Would You Do?

The purpose of these questions and scenarios is to develop interest and discussion for situations which always call for Biblical solutions and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

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Eternal Security - Once Saved: Always Saved?

At first glance, Eternal Security sounds very spiritual. But is a person truly saved regardless of how he acts after conversion?

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Hospital Visitation Tips

Visitation is a “ministry of inconvenience” because few people can foresee they will be hospitalized and later desire a visit. Someone who visits a patient must prepare to be unprepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

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Was Moses a Pentecostal? The Seventy Elders at Kibroth-Hattava

The prophets of Numbers 11 and the prophetic office in general can only be understood against the terrible background of human sin.

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The Book of Acts: A Character Search

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The Book of Acts via Section Headings

The Book of Acts is compiled of many incidences in the lives of the apostles and Paul. This article lists the scripture reference and the topic of each section in chapter order.

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