1. Who is the ultimate source of all earthly authority?  (13:1)

2. When we rebel against authority, who are we really fighting? (13:2)

3. What will we receive if we rebel?  (13:2)

4. What are police officers called in both 13:4 and 13:6?

5. Why do police officers carry pistols?  (13:4)
    Who actually gave them such authority?

6. We must obey civic laws for what two reasons?  (13:5)

7. Read Luke 20:25 and Romans 13:7. Explain why you, as a citizen of heaven,
      should have to pay taxes as an earthly citizen.

8. List the 5 other commandments, listed in Exodus 20, that
    Paul does not list here in 13:9.

9. Read Matthew 19:18-19 and list the one commandment that Jesus quotes
      from Leviticus 19:18 that’s not listed as one of the
        Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.

10. According to 13:10, if I truly love my neighbor, what will I not do?

11. What is symbolized by “sleep” in 13:11?
        What does Paul mean by telling people to “arise out of sleep?”

12. Read John. 3:19 and Romans 13:12. What does “darkness”  symbolize?

13.  Research and define the word “chambering.”  (KJV)

14.  Research and define “wantonness.”

15.  Research and define “strife.”


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