1.  What beings or things are seen in groups of four in 7:1?

2.  What do we read about in Daniel 7:2 that is also in Revelation 7:1?

3.  In Daniel 7:3, what came out of the sea?

4.  What is the total number of those “sealed” in Revelation 7:4?

5.  Name the 12 tribes listed in Revelation 7:5-8:

6.  According to 7:9, who stood before the throne?

7.  What did this group hold in their hands?  7:9

8.  What did the people approach Jesus with in John 12:13?

9.  What did the people cry in Revelation 7:10?

10. What did the people cry in John 12:13?

11. What did Daniel do in Daniel 8:17?

12. What did the angels, elders and beasts do in Revelation 7:11?

13. In Revelation 7:14, what were robes washed in?

14. What is predicted in Revelation 21:4 that is also predicted in Revelation 7:17?

15. What is seen in Revelation 22:1 that is also seen in Revelation 7:17?

16. What term is used in Revelation 1:5 that is also used in Revelation 7:14?

17. Concerning the “Lamb”, what is similar in these three verses: 
      Revelation 5:6, 5:12 and 7:14?

18. What is said concerning the Lamb in Acts 8:32?

19. What is said concerning the Lamb in Isaiah 53:7?

20. How many times does the term “ Lamb ” appear in the book of Revelation?


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