Beginning with Christ’s ascension, Luke provides the early historical record of the growth of the Church. Over a 30-year period, he traces the rapid spread of Christianity from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

A walkthru is a verse by verse inductive study that will guide you through the book, enjoying God’s company along the way. Find new discoveries and fresh spiritual insight from the Holy Spirit as you allow God’s Word to become a part of you.

Acts 1: Jesus Ascends and Judas’ Successor is Selected
Acts 2: The Arrival of the Holy Spirit and Peter’s Sermon
Acts 3: The Lame Man is Healed and Peter Preaches
Acts 4: Peter and John are Imprisoned and Emboldened
Acts 5: The Story of Ananias and Sapphira
Acts 6: The Appointment of the Seven and his arrest
Acts 7: Stephen’s Defense and Martyrdom
Acts 8: The Gospel in Samaria and Philip Meets the Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 9: Saul is Converted, Aeneas is Healed and Dorcas is Restored
Acts 10: Peter Meets Cornelius and the Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit
Acts 11: The Churchs at Jerusalem and Antioch
Acts 12: Peter is Imprisoned, Then Delivered
Acts 13: The First Missionary Journey
Acts 14: Paul at Iconium and His Stoning at Lystra
Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council and the Second Missionary Journey
Acts 16: Paul’s Vision of the Man of Macedonia and Imprisonment at Philippi
Acts 17: The uproar in Thessalonica and Paul at Athens
Acts 18: The Third Missionary Journey
Acts 19: Paul and the Riot in Ephesus
Acts 20: Paul’s Journeys to Macedonia, Greece and Miletus
Acts 21: Paul’s Incarceration and Defense Before the Council
Acts 22: Paul’s Incarceration adn Defense Before The Council
Acts 23: Paul Sent to Felix
Acts 24: Paul’s Defense Before Felix
Acts 25: Paul’s Appeal to Caesar and Appearance Before Agrippa
Acts 26: Paul’s Defense Before Agrippa
Acts 27: Paul’s Voyage to Rome, The Storm and Shipwreck
Acts 28: Paul on the Isle of Melita; His Arrival and MInistry in Rome