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The Woman of Samaria & the Seventh Man

The Son of God was not afraid to place Himself in a racist and sexist situation. By meeting with the woman at the well of Sychar, He created an opportunity to demonstrate the total absence of ethnic or gender bias on His part.

Counseling Tips

Every person who counsels is not necessarily a competent counselor. Here are a few fundamentals that are essential for anyone who advises others.

Rapture Readiness

The only two qualifications to be raptured are to be born again and to remain in that condition.

Ethical Questions, Situations, and Dilemmas for Discussion

Shades of gray? No easy answers? Ever been at a loss for words? Here are thirty predicaments you may either find yourself in personally or be asked about as a counselor.

Jesus: The Great Corrector of Theology

Jesus’ corrections often follow some erroneous statement by a person, disciple, or religious leader. Here are forty examples, but there are many others.