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Ethical Questions, Situations, and Dilemmas for Discussion

Shades of gray? No easy answers? Ever been at a loss for words? Here are thirty predicaments you may either find yourself in personally or be asked about as a counselor.

Jesus: The Great Corrector of Theology

Jesus’ corrections often follow some erroneous statement by a person, disciple, or religious leader. Here are forty examples, but there are many others.

Jesus: His Dynamic Characteristics

The Lord Jesus is the most phenomenal individual in world history. His legacy does not just survive—it thrives. Jesus stands alone in history as Truth Incarnate. His popularity two millennia after His resurrection can only be explained by the fact He lives today.

Revelation: Four Schools of Interpretation

Here are four schools of thought regarding the book of Revelation.

Reaching Veterans for Christ

Some tips regarding ministering to those who have served in the military